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Without Question:  We can safely and comfortably guide you and your patient through deprescribing and recovery, anatomical assessment and new choices in management modalities.  Once stabilized, patients will be easily managed by their longterm personal physicians like before.  The goal is to take the struggle from your practice, optimize the care plan for your patient, then have them come back with a renewed program to continue their longterm return to functional recovery.  There is no reason they must stay with a consultant approach.  The best medicine, the best doctor, will come from you, since you know the patient well.  Even during our program or protocol, your involvement is desirable, and your input and opinions part of the picture.  The transition back to a pain program integrated into their total care must be facilitated, and it must be effective.

Our clinic is virtually an all inclusive environment, and even if outside referrals are necessary, Dr. Rinzler will remain the primary physician providing oversight of the decisions made around your care, and once referred, you never need to be referred again for the same problem, even years later, Dr. Rinzler will be there for you.

Support during application for disability, FMLA, handicap access, and community resources, is a routine matter in our clinic.

Let us help

Several technologies, many safer yet effective meds are now available. When needed, even newer procedures. When was the last anatomical assessment of pain generators done? There may be pain, but suffering is optional, and there are newer solutions to reduce the chronic pain secondary effects, such as insomnia, fatigue, anxiety and reactive depression, malaise, weight gain, and the inevitable pharmacological array that may be the place to start.

Let us help. We can evaluate your patient and assemble a plan to improve their function, reduce their dependence on medications, reassess the anatomy and apply new technology when needed. Your patient will return with a careplan that promotes recovery and function, and if needed, formal opiates reduction approaches are now available on an outpatient basis, if mere physiological dependence is the issue, not addiction, there are newer options to offer. Methods to recruit functional recovery and healing, return control to the patient, and relieve you of the endless burden of a medication dependent careplan under increasing scrutiny.

We can, if needed, present some of the newer protocols using technology like the Fisher Wallace CES, the Biowave PENS, the myopulse and acuscope technology, some of the team members involved including advanced level active physical therapy, control of pain and neuropathy with safer medications, cognitive behavioral therapies, use of adjuvant and non-narcotic analgesics, control of muscle pain and spasm with identification of the source and more direct techniques to recover normal patterns. If indicated, induction of longer acting non Schedule II opiates while controlling needless withdrawal or rebound pain. In some patients, the drive for medication has only been to find relief for an underlying mental health issue that can respond to more direct methods when present.

IF any of this looks helpful, please call, Dr. Rinzler has devoted the past 20 years to this restorative option, and now the trend has swung to underscore the need to create a safer pain control program.

Patients feel

“I’m not an addict!”  Why are they forcing me to stop taking the only thing that’s helped my pain for so long?  What am supposed to do now?  How can I cope with the side effects of stopping the medicines?  How can I function if doctors can’t prescribe these medications for me?

Physicians feel

“What do I do for my patient with chronic pain?  I can’t just keep prescribing the same medications?  The patient isn’t interested in surgery at this point, maybe not even injections?  How do I help them?


Our philosophy

Guiding patients through the maze of specialists and new technology has become a challenge even for the pain management team.  There ARE new medications, newer procedures, methods of rehabilitation and functional restoration, ways to guide patients off their dependence producing medications onto newer programs that work with their built-in pain control mechanisms.

Our Work

Though the effectiveness and complete safety of the FW CES are well documented, Dr. Rinzler is an M.D., Specialty trained and Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  He’s also been trained in Pain Management, and has been certified in Addiction Medicine (following a 2000 hour fellowship). He has been treating patients and teaching interns, resident physicians, and colleagues,  complex pain treatment and physical medicine  for 30 years.

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