About Dr. Rinzler

Gary S. Rinzler, M.D.-M.P.H., FABPMR, FASAM
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Dr. Rinzler chose to attend Medical School in Hawaii at the John A. Burns School of Medicine from 1980-1984.  “I made the decision to stay in Hawaii, where I completed my undergraduate degree in Biology in the Honors Program, graduating “With Distinction” and completing the Honors requirement in Linguistics as a minor, focused on “Cross Species Communication”.  While there, Japanese and French were my degree languages, and I studied Korean on my own. (Medical Spanish also spoken)   I chose to stay in Hawaii because the differences in culture captivated me, especially when it came to views on sickness and health.  One of my classmates wrote a book on this called “Cross-Cultural Caring” by Neal Palafox, MD, and though this is no longer in publication, copies still circulate and the vignettes are priceless, underscoring the differences in how various cultural groups in Hawaii perceive illness/health and our Western approach to curing disease.  Back then the concept of “Wellness” and “mind-body medicine” were just getting started.

Compared to the medical schools I interviewed at on the mainland, it felt like Hawaii embraced this understanding of Cross Cultural Caring, and of treating peoples’ differences with respect.  I entered the Univ. of Hawaii School of Medicine and the School of Public Health at the same time, with my program for the M.P.H. (Master’s Degree in Public Health) in the department of International Health.

Dr. Rinzler uses many evolving models of functional restoration, utilizing cutting edge techniques including a fresh anatomical evaluation (Dr. Rinzler views the images himself, often seeing problems the formal report did not underscore) , PRP, prolotherapy, dietary analysis, alternatives to medication for pain, anxiety, insomnia, depression, and PTSD.  As a physiatrist he also is fully qualified to handle headache assessment, spinal cord and brain injuries, nerve conduction and electromyography studies, bone and joint disorders, sports medicine, evolving stem cell injections, and more.  


Long Beach
CA 90806