• The Fisher Wallace CES is the only device cleared and now approved by the FDA to deliver microcurrent directly to the brain.  Though the signal is no more than a AA battery, less than a static shock you get by rubbing your feet on the carpet, any current delivered to the brain is taken seriously, and it took tens of thousands of hours of clinical trials to prove this to the FDA, that the device, even used in your own home, is safe, and not one single injury or serious adverse response was documented EVER since the very first day we began 20 years ago.  I don’t know of any drugs or injections, or surgery that can make that claim, and even home remedies have a worse track record than CES.  Nonetheless, patients still need to be screened as to their unique medical history and medications, prior care, protocol changes, etc. 

  • Though the effectiveness and complete safety of the FW CES are well documented, Dr. Rinzler is an M.D., Specialty trained and Board Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  He’s also been trained in Pain Management, and has been certified in Addiction Medicine (following a 2000 hour fellowship). He has been treating patients and teaching interns, resident physicians, and colleagues,  complex pain treatment and physical medicine  for 30 years. 

  • Physical Medicine, Pain, and Addiction are important overlapping areas if a patient wants not only relief, but freedom, from years of dependence on pills, doctors, and painful injections.

  • The initial use of the FW CES in our clinic is medically supervised, especially if a patient has been taking strong pain medications, antidepressants, or anxiety medications, often for years, and would like to try to stoppin these meds eventually.  This is up to the patient, but the plan for this needs to be carefully tailored for each patient.  The device also works well along with current medications but usually allows at least a reduction in their need over time.  There is no “Pressure” to stop your meds, this is a personal decision for you to make, most patients recognize the cost, emotionally and physically, the drugs extract.

  • There is always a safe, predictable approach to taper any medication for most patients, and often  these medications can eventually be discontinued, if desired. But this is not anything to try on your own, ever.  Always consult with us or your personal physician, (which, with your permission, so will I)  so everyone is on the same team, medically “On the same page”.  Your chances of success are much higher when the team works together with you. 

  • Dr. Rinzler has the most experience with the Fisher Wallace CES of any physician in our region, and we’re accustomed to working with any patient’s other doctors or medical team members, and usually include the family in the process.  We all need to work together so this amazing device can do it’s work safely and effectively.

Worried about new regulations?

Let us construct a care plan that demonstrates all the criteria now required: documentation of need, treatment agreements, monitoring medication use, proof of safety and lack of diversion risk

What about marijuana? How about a couple drinks? Still, nicotine addicted? Have answers based on scientific evidence to guide your decisions.

Who needs a referral for medication dysregulation? Where to go? Establishing boundaries. Recruiting resources in the community.

Is there an underlying mental health issue beneath the medication demands? Who can help? How to protect your practice and your patient.

What can you do for the patients beyond conservative intervention but not surgical candidates?

Let us help with this most challenging, time and resource heavy, complex patient. Most insurance accepted, including Medicare. For most, we’ll find a way.


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