Military, Medicare, or MediCal Patients may receive a $100 Special “Courtesy” Discount

We always work with all insurance companies, helping you obtain reimbursement whenever possible, but the initial purchase of the unit is up to you. 

Personal Injury, car accident, and Worker’s Comp cases seem to consistently respond to our medical necessity and claims processing positively, and usually pay 100% for the unit, but the response for other insurance coverage for this revolutionary technology varies greatly between the 100’s of insurance companies out here.  We are definitely seeing a trend towards higher reimbursement to the patient, and we’ll stick in there with you as long and hard as you are willing to fight. We have some forms, and they’ll send more forms, and we’ll fill them out for you.  We have packets that explain the special codes they need to see, and scientific research articles showing why this is different than the conventional microcurrent machines they often try to pay less for.   

Since this is NOT experimental, but an FDA cleared treatment, sometimes it only takes the special codes they want to see on your prescription.

We do offer a No-Risk-Money-Back Guarantee, that if used as directed you are not satisfied with the unit at 60 days, WE WILL ACCEPT THE UNIT back and provide your refund as long as the unit is not damaged.  We also will test the unit free of charge at any time if you are worried that it’s not working correctly.


We’ve found that even MediCal and MediCare patients, if they’ve assigned their coverage to a large carrier like Kaiser, Sutter, or Mercy, for example, may earn a significant portion of reimbursement once the Member Services department is involved, but they only respond after the unit is purchased.  We have so many options, if you need a unit, we’ll find a way to get you one, sometimes as little as $1/day!


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